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Safewater Logbooks

Documentation control is one of the most important factors for effective water hygiene and compliance with the L8 guidelines.

Phase Technology has developed the SafeWater Monitoring System to provide our clients with simple and effective means of ensuring complete compliance with the L8 guidelines.

The main principle of the SafeWater Monitoring System is:

  • Identify the task to be completed and its frequency
  • Provide a detailed method on how to complete the task
  • Guidance on what to look for if the task is a visual inspection
  • Expected results and control parameters for the task
  • Detailed examples of corrective action if the results are out of specification
  • Reporting mechanism for the results of the corrective actions
  • SafeWater Monitoring ensures there is effective closure of all defects

In addition to the task and inspection requirements the SafeWater Monitoring System contains all the system management requirements of the L8 guidelines

SafeWater Monitoring is available as SafeWater Cooling for cooling towers and SafeWater Domestic for domestic services