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L8 Risk Assessment

L8 Compliance

All premises must have a current legionella Risk Assessment and this should technically be undertaken before the maintenance regime is put in place. Often this is not the case, but a Risk Assessment must still be undertaken so that the maintenance regime is checked and reviewed.

The purpose of the Risk Assessment is:

To decide if there are any risks to health. In other words is the potential for harm to health from exposure reasonably foreseeable unless you undertake adequate precautionary measures.

To advise on the necessary precautionary measures that need to be taken to prevent, or adequately control, the risk from exposure to legionella bacteria

The risk assessment also enables the person on whom the statutory duty falls to show that all the pertinent factors, and the steps needed to prevent or control the risk, have been considered.

How we can help

Phase Technology has been undertaking Risk Assessments since L8 was first published nearly 10 years ago. We have a team of highly trained and competent risk assessors that are able to provide you and your premises all the information and guidance you require to control the risks and comply with current legislation. Please call us on 01962 772800 for more information

If you want to see a sample L8 Risk Assessment the following link to the document located inMyPhaseTechnology with Password: demo Username: demo

Risk Assessments Reviews

A legionella Risk Assessment is valid for a maximum period of 2 years. After this time the assessment must be reviewed. The review will again look at plant condition and control measures and also consider any changes that may have occurred since the original assessment.

In addition to reviewing the assessment every two years it may also be reviewed for any of the following reasons:

    • Changes to the water system or its use
    • Changes in the use of the building
    • Availability of new information about risks or control measures
    • If monitoring or inspections indicate the control regime is no longer effective
    • If there is a case of Legionnaires’ disease associated with the system

Phase Technology can undertake reviews of its own risk assessments or those undertaken by other providers.


It is a requirement that that an up-to-date system schematic is prepared. This will show the system layout with the important items of plant listed. Phase Technology is able to provide system schematics and can supply them in PDF or AutoCAD format.

Example Schematic –download here