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Cooling Towers

L8 Compliance
  • L8 compliance is essential for those responsible for operating cooling systems
Cooling Systems
  • Cooling systems require treatment against scale corrosion, and microbiological contamination particularly Legionella bacteria
  • We offer a offer a comprehensive range of treatment programmes for cooling systems
  • Safe maintenance of cooling systems is a must for building operators. Phase Technology can design and maintain a complete water treatment programme that will provide regulatory compliance, safe operation and operational efficiency
Programme Design
  • The water treatment programme will be designed to meet the operational needs of the site, physical condition of the equipment and quality of the makeup water. The Phase Technology Consultant will discuss each step of the process with the client to ensure that the programme remains cost effective and technically correct
Chemical Treatment
  • Phase Technology has a complete range of chemical treatments to control scale, corrosion and microbiological contamination. Our chemicals combined with an effective cleaning and disinfection regime will ensure that the system remains free from Legionella bacteria
Control Equipment
  • To complement the chemical regime we are able to provide complete control packages, many of which provide BMS output and remote monitoring options